The conical drum was developed in response to the vac formed tub used by so many. What the conical drum offers that sets it apart from the vac form tub is the ability to print on it.

The lid is specially designed so that no rough sharp edges protrude from the drum and so that the drums can be effectively stacked when packed. The conical drums are great for packaging chocolates and candy, makeup, and more.

The clean finishing of this product sets it apart from all others on the shelf.

  • Less Carton usage

  • Less Storage Space

  • Less Transport Cost

  • Therefore this drum is a more affordable product

This drum is fabricated from a flat sheet which means it can be foiled, screen printed or litho printed.

  • 200-400 micron PET/PVC

  • Board base, welded base or glued cap (no glue PET)

  • Bead or no bead (bead 2.5 mm)

  • For food contact packaging: welded base and side seam (clear only)

  • Oval tubes, drums, cones

  • Square tubes: can’t bead, PVC only

  • Conical drums: nest-able, space saving, transport cost saving

Continuous tubes (i.e. 1 meter and above, no print, glued)

“Perfect packaging solution for easy product display…”

The fold up carton is the perfect packaging option to easily display your product, emphasizing their most attractive features without compromising product security. Fold up cartons are available with the following specification options:

  • 200 – 400 MICRON PVC/PET

  • Flip top (visually better, more expensive)

  • Click lock (ideal for bottom closure)

  • Crash lock (tamper proof)

  • Different constructions to facilitate hanging

  • Euro slot:
    Hanger unit
    Die cut handles
    Glue flap position optional

Important Information:
Non-symmetrical packs must have false crease for folding Continuous jet pack (i.e. 1 meter and above, different shapes, glued, false crease)

Decoration: Screen, litho, foil and, PVC/PET

“Perfect for Chocolate boxes, Gift Boxes, Stationery Boxes. . .”

  • Lid and base packaging is suitable for everything from gifting to secure storage and is perfect for packaging products such as chocolates, baked goods, stationery items, jewelry and more. The lids and bases come with the following specification options:

  • 200 – 400 micron PET/PVC/Board

  • Round, square, triangle, hexagonal, oval

  • Clear glued lid and base

  • Flat die cut lid available (no glue used)

  • Board bases: white and laminated foil silver/gold

  • Important Information:
    Board base is flat, no glue points
    Glued lid can be folded flat with use of false crease
    Laminated foil boards can be tinted to create metallic colours

Vac forming, short for vacuum forming, is a method that simplifies thermo-forming where a sheet of plastic is heated and then stretched onto a single surface mold and then forced against the mold with a vacuum. Vac forming is available with the following specifications:


  • 200 – 800 micron PET/PVC/Styrene

  • Inserts

  • Trays

  • Straight on Trays (SOT) for packing of units



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